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Professional Magnetic Staple Remover, Black

  • Push style lifts staples easily without tearing paper
  • Staple grabber eliminates loose staples
  • Magnetic pick up for easy stray staple clean up
  • Ergonomic design for more comfortable use versus pinch style removers

Switch from the paper-tearing pinch removers to this easy push-style staple remover! The wand removes staples from paper without tearing the corners of your document. To use it, slide the tip of the remover under the edge of the staple. Continue pushing the wand away from the document until the staple comes out of the paper. This staple remover has a staple grabbing tip that holds onto the staple once removed. This stops it from making a mess on your desktop and makes clean up a breeze. In the event a staple does get away from you, use the puller's integrated magnetic pickup to recapture it. The rounded point of the staple puller is also a convenient box or letter opener. Use it to break through packaging tape without the risk of knives. This unit also features an ergonomic shape for comfortable use and a rubber no-slip grip. The wand style not only superior at removing staples compared to the claw style - it is more comfortable to use as well! To see this product in action, read our article "how to use a staple remover".

Product Specifications
WEIGHT: 0.06 lbs
HEIGHT: 8.75"
LENGTH: 2.75"
WIDTH: 1.38"
COLOR: Black
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