How to Load a Stapler with Spring-Powered Technology by PaperPro®

How to Load a Stapler with Spring-Powered Technology by PaperPro®

Spring-powered staplers are different than standard staplers, how you ask? Well, they boast One-Finger™ technology by PaperPro® for effortless stapling that's 80% easier! Whether you're using a heavy duty, compact or long reach unit, you can now breathe easy; there's no more exuding all your force to squeeze this stapler!

So, how do you load staplers into spring-powered stapler? We're here to show and tell you how to put staples into these bottom-loading units. Trust us, it's easier than you think. There really is no need to sweat! We'll fill you in of all the features and benefits of our one and two-finger staplers so you're not left in the dark.

Sit back, relax and join us as we break down how to load staples into a spring-powered stapler!

Step 1: As spring-powered staplers are bottom loading, you need to first flip the unit upside down so the base is facing up. Open it up as you would a standard stapler, pulling the base away from the top handle.

bottom loading staplerbottom loading stapler

Step 2: Slide the magazine out by pulling back the black tab shown below.

sliding magazine out of staplersliding magazine out of stapler

Step 3: Now is the moment you've been waiting for! Drop your stick of staplers into the magazine with the pointed teeth facing up and the flat side down. Confused? Simply use the images below for reference.

slide staples into magazineslide staples into magazine
have saple teeth stick upwards have saple teeth stick upwards

Step 4: Lastly, slide the magazine closed by pushing the black tab forward. Flip the stapler closed and you're done! How easy and stress-free was that?!

slide magazine back into staplerslide magazine back into stapler

Still confused? Maybe this video will help you better understand how to load staplers into your spring-powered stapler! Don't forget to check out all of our Bostitch spring-powered staplers!

What you once thought was a daunting task is now one you won't even have to think twice about! Since you're now a pro at loading a spring-powered stapler, we're confident your stapling experience is one for the books. Seriously, you can easily make a booklet with the long reach unit! Learn how here.

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