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Konnect™ Rail Corner Connector

  • 2 piece design allows you to run cords through the connector with ease
  • Slotted hole in the rear allows an exit point for cords
  • Sticky pads allow for a tool-free installation on the desktop

Attach your Bostitch Konnect™ cord management rails using this rail corner connector. Allowing you to tailor the Konnect™ system to your desk's shape, this corner connector play's a vital role in the installation process. First, arrange where you want each rail to sit on your desk. Now securely connect them on the corners when you use this piece. Sticky pads on the bottom allow for tool-free installation on the desktop while still providing you with longtime security. This connector is also cord hiding! The 2-piece design lets wires run through the connector with ease, bringing organization to your workspace. Plus, the slotted hole in the back provides an exit point for cords. Nothing is more satisfying than lasting desktop organization brought to you by Bostitch Konnect™.


Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Bostitch® Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System—the ultimate cure for desktop disaster. By integrating our patented cable management rails, power solutions, and innovative storage accessories, the Konnect™ System helps users organize, customize and optimize their workspaces.

Konnect™ System Assembly
Product Specifications
COLOR: White
HEIGHT: 1.5"
LENGTH: 3.5"
WIDTH: 3.5"
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