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Desktop Organizer Cup, Black

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Desktop Organizing Cup Propped with Pencils, Pens, and Other Office Supplies
  • Ideal for holding pens, pencils, clips, tacks and other small personal items (not included)
  • Includes a removable lid to hide unsightly clutter
  • Includes two modular dividers for storage customization
  • Stack multiple bins to optimize storage and save coveted desktop space
  • Can be docked to the Konnect™ Cord Management Rail or used alone
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Desktop Organizing Cup Propped with Pencils, Pens, and Other Office Supplies


Clean out that drawer of small miscellaneous products, AKA clutter, and take advantage of this desktop organizer cup! Designed to hold small items, such as pencils, pens and paperclips, this small storage bin is perfect for maintaining a clear desk space. All your tiny, easy-to-lose supplies are safely housed at the edge of your desk. Looking for even more organization? Lucky for you, this pencil cup comes with two removable dividers for storage customization within the unit. Now you're able to separate your tacks from your paperclips and pens from your pencils. A removable lid is also included, allowing you to hide distracting clutter. It's easy to save desk space with the storage bin's compact size. Plus, you can stack multiple Konnect™ bins to optimize storage. Dock this pen holder to the Konnect™ Cord Management Rail for surface stability and to take full use of the system, or simply use this accessory on its own!


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COLOR: Black
HEIGHT: 3.5"
LENGTH: 3.5"
WIDTH: 3.4"
COMPARTMENT STYLE: Removable Dividers
LID STYLE: Removable