A stapler is just a stapler, right? Well, actually there is more to stapling than meets the eye! You may know you can choose between staplers with different sheet capacities. But did you know you can also choose between staplers with different stapling styles? Read on to learn about these different binding methods, including the difference between standard and flat clinch staplers.

What is a Flat Clinch Stapler?

Flat Clinch Stapler vs Standard Stapler

Flat clinch staplers feature a special stapling plate that bends staple legs completely flat after stapling, while a standard stapler curved the legs. The unique method allows for smaller paper stacks that lay flat and save space.

Wondering how to tell if you have a flat clinch stapler?

If you look at the stapling plate, you can easily identify the difference between the two. Flat clinch stapler plates have one straight opening, while most standard staplers feature the recognizable "face" in the stapler plate. Do you see it?


In fact, standard stapling plates do more than look funny. They can be turned around to change the clinching method yet again, between standard and temporary stapling!

The temporary staple clinch allows users to remove staples from their documents without the use of tools or claws. With just your fingers, you should have no trouble getting a staple out of your stack of papers. This style of clinch is great for report drafts, mockups and other documents that will need to be taken apart eventually.

In this photo, the blue stapler has a stapling plate turned for temporary stapling, while the silver stapler is turned for standard stapling.

Turning Your Staplers Plate Switching the Stapling Plate for Temporary Stapling

The Difference Between Standard, Temporary & Flat Clinch Stapling:

Flat Clinch vs Temporary Clinch vs Standard Clinch

Wow! Who knew so much thought went into the design of this desktop mainstay? Now that you know about all the different clinch styles of your stapler - which one are you going to use first?

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