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LockerMate Folding Rulers, Assorted Designs, 12 Pack

  • Bright kid-friendly colors in alternating patterns (see images in box for specific patterns)
  • Standard length of 12" (imperial) and 30 cms (metric)
  • Foldable for storage but still accurate for straight lines and measuring
  • 12 Pack for value


LockerMate puts a fun twist on ordinary classroom products. Why stick with a regular, wooden or standard ruler when you can have fun with numbers by using the cute and colorful Folding Rulers! The fun doesn’t stop there — these plastic, foldable rulers are best to use for both 12 inches and 30 cms with easy-to-read and accurate measurements. With your favorite fun color and pattern, you can't go mathematically wrong with this ruler! If you’re looking for rulers in bulk to supply your class or students with, these unique Folding Rulers are perfect for school supplies. They come in a stylish 12-pack so there are plenty of rulers to be passed around! You’ll never have to worry about looking around for extra rulers during a classroom lesson again.

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