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LockerMate Flexi Storage Box, Black & Gray

  • Adjustable storage case expands to meet your needs and hold your belongings securely inside
  • Organize your supplies by storing pencils, pens, scissors, scrapbooking materials, post-its, stickers, and more
  • Can be used or stored nearly flat or expanded to full size to accommodate your individual needs
  • Latches shut with colorful contrasting closure to ensure nothing gets lost
  • Made of durable and ductile rubber material to stretch and expand again and again

Looking for one storage box to fit all your school supplies? Look no further than LockerMate Storage Box! This fun, flexible storage box can adjust to the size of your needs, whether you need to fit a lot of school essentials or some home crafting supplies! Start off with small size and expand it as needed to create a larger storage box. Not only is this storage box expandable, it's also flexible, foldable, collapsible and adjustable to suit any school need. It also features a secure latch that shuts and locks all your school supplies so that they stay secure throughout the day.

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