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LockerMate Hard Plastic Pencil Box, Turquoise and Black

  • Turquoise design for a stylish and fun look
  • Stores all school supplies such as pens, pencils, scissors and more
  • Made with a hard-top plastic for durability
  • Features a clasp on the lid for secure locking of school supplies
  • Perfect size to fit in any desk, drawer or locker

The LockerMate Overmolded Pencil Box, Turquoise is the perfect storage box for all your school supplies. From pens and pencils, to scissors and note cards, this stylish, turquoise box is made to fit all your school necessities. The featured clasp on the lid helps to keep all school accessories safe and secured, even when bouncing around in a backpack! This multi-purpose organizer features a hard-top for ultimate durability that can fit perfectly in any desk, locker or drawer. You can even use the storage bin for art supplies like markers and paint brushes! Tote your favorite school accessories around in these fashionable and fun turquoise school boxes.

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