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Welcome PaperPro® Technology!

To our valued customers, we have some exciting news for you! We're thrilled to announce that we're integrating our sister company, PaperPro® into the Bostitch® Office family. Moving forward, we'll be bringing you all of the same PaperPro® products you've always known and loved, just with Bostitch logo and packaging.

If you're a current PaperPro® customer, read on to learn more about this brand change and how it effects you (we promise that not a lot is changing!)

If you're new to PaperPro® and its amazing products, learn more by clicking here!

What Does That Mean for Me?

Whether you're a fan of patented one-finger™ staplers or reduced-effort hole punches, never fear—your favorite products aren't going away, they're simply getting a new brand! All of the PaperPro products are going to maintain the same design and technology, they'll just be getting the Bostitch logo and a new packaging look. Plus, all of the model numbers are staying exactly the same. So, whether you're searching online or in-store, you'll be able to get the exact same product you've always loved.

Already own a PaperPro® product? Never fear—your warranty will carry over with the brand change!

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When Is This Happening?
While this transition has already begun, we expect to have all PaperPro® products rebranded with Bostitch® logos and packaging by June of 2019.

What Exactly is Changing?

Product Design Same 
Model Number/SKU   Same
Warranty Same
Packaging New
Product Logo New

Can I Still Purchase from the Same Places?
Absolutely! While you may be seeing new logos, images, descriptions and packaging, the products are 100% the same.

Looking for that PaperPro® spring-powered magic from the inPOWER™+ 28 Premium Desktop Stapler? Well, look no further than the Bostitch InPower™ Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler for that same stapling magic.


We know you depend on the ease of hole punching with the PaperPro® inPRESS™ 40 Three-Hole Punch, but with PaperPro® technology, you can now depend on the Bostitch EZ Squeeze™ 40 Three-Hole Punch to cater to all your punching needs!



If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please reach out to our customer service team! | (800) 343-9329