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Storage Bins

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Desktop Organizers + Storage Bins

Cluttered desk no more! Introducing Bostitch Konnect™ - a line of storage bins to help improve workspace organization. These versatile items are exactly what your office needs to increase your productivity! Functioning as pencil cups, pen holders and a home for miscellaneous loose items, each bin brings clarity to your busy environment.

There are two variations of the storage bin: wide and short. The short storage cup is just under 3 1/2 inches wide. It stands upright to hold writing supplies, scissors and other personal items that need a place to live. Unlike the wide storage bin, you can stack multiple units for greater layout options. The wide storage bin provides a similar function of holding highlighters, rubber bands and the like. It's instead 7 1/2 inches wide for extra storage space, great for cords and small notepads. Lay your writing utensils flat, similar to a pencil case.

Though, who wants their sharp tacks mixed in with the paperclips? That's where convenience takes over. For ultimate neatness, every storage bin includes a removable lid and modular dividers. Compact, lightweight and space saving are all key characteristics these items embody. After all, nobody wants to use a bulky pencil cup.

While these Konnect™ desktop organizers are able to stand on their own for individual use, they're designed to work together. Connect them to the Konnect™ cord management rails that sit on the edge of your desk. This provides stability and organization on your desk. Effortlessly match any Konnect™ product to your office! Each piece is available in four classic colors: black, white, navy blue and charcoal gray.