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LED Desk Lamps

What's a perfect desk space if you can't see it? Illuminate your office with our unique LED desk lamps! Dim lighting only makes you squint and causes headaches. Proper light keeps you on track and focused. Choose from two different lamps - a gooseneck lamp and a foldable desk lamp. Many lamps are 4.5 watts and comes in four colors to match the Bostitch Konnectâ„¢ line: black, white, charcoal gray and navy blue! There's no excuse for having a dungeon of an office anymore, light up with LEDs!

The gooseneck desk lamp features a flexible silicone neck that is adjustable to position the light zone to right where you need it. Sleek and compact, it also includes an integrated USB port for device charging. Simply plug in your cell phone, tablet or any compatible device and let it power up while you work! Great for various task lighting, this classic desk lamp features three brightness levels via the dimmer function. It doesn't have to be just the for office - use it as a bed side table! It uses powerful and smart LEDs that last up to 25,000 hours, using 85% less energy than regular incandescent lights. Quality lighting is smart lighting.

Looking for a lamp a bit more modern? Well, our wireless foldable desk lamp is your answer. Great for portability, it's battery operated and folds up! Just flip it open when you need extra brightness. It's thin and compact, perfect for on a crowded desk or on the go! It's USB rechargeable. Use the 3' power cord to power this LED lamp up! Talk about quick lighting. This LED lamp offers three color temperatures modes, great for tasks such as reading and relaxing.

USB Ports:

Low battery? Don't sweat it! For fast, accessible charging of your most used devices, such as your cell hone or tablet, the built-in USB ports are there to assist you. No more searching for a nearby and empty outlet down low by your feet. This handy addition allows you to have your phone powering up safely on your desk, right next to stunning lighting. Combining illumination and power, there is no way not to be productive.

Qi Wireless Charging:

Another charging option - Qi wireless charging! Simply place your compatible device on the base station of the unit for easy, simple charging of your phone or tablet. Cord eliminating and hands free! As stated, your device has to be compatible with Qi charging, but once you have one that is, it's a breeze from there. Again, the pairing of light and power is one not to be messed with!

Adjustable Color Temperature:

A highly respected feature a number of our LED lamps include is the various color temperatures. They're adjustable and great for fitting all environments. There are three color variations available - cool white, warm white and natural daylight. The cool white emits a vibrancy with a stark white light, perfect for use in areas that need crisp illumination, such as bathrooms, laundry areas, and garages. The warm white is ideal for more relaxed, comforting spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms. The daylight temperature is great for mimicking natural light. Use this temperature in spaces where you need fresh and friendly lighting like an office.

RGB Accent Lighting:

Add some fun into your workday with colorful lighting! Creating great accent lighting are the RGB lights. Using the colors red, green and blue and combining them to create countless of other color options, this feature is a unique one to have in a lamp. Emitting eye-catching, rich color is one benefit of RBG LED accent lighting, but there are many more. RGB light is also popular as mood lighting and has high use in color therapy. Place it on your desk for beautiful and beneficial illumination!