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When you purchase Bostitch staples you can trust that you are receiving top of the line quality and craftsmanship with every order, every box and every staple. From our premium standard staples that feature finely honed chisel points to our heavy-duty staples for 150 sheet document stapling, Bostitch has staples to get any sized job done.

Most Bostitch staples are crafted from high carbon steel wire that reduces buckling and jamming during stapling. For any user that has ever had to deal with a jammed stapler, they will understand how critical this feature is. By providing stronger, more durable staples, we ensure that your stapler will perform better, taking the headache out of simple stapling jobs. Another way Bostitch makes stapling easier than ever is with chisel points on many staples. This feature allows the staple to drive through paper with ease for maximum penetration through large stacks of paper. With these special features available in staples of all sizes, from 1/4" to 3/8" to a whopping 1/2", you won't be left without a staple to do you job.

Our B8 staples are some of the most sought after on this page - and for good reason! These PowerCrown™ staples feature a legendary design that you won't find elsewhere! These special B8 staples feature a special "crown" or peak that is flattened during the staple drive, forcing the staple legs outward so they are more fully supported by the stapler magazine throughout the drive. This delivers more stapling force and reduced buckling for maximum penetration.

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