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SuperPro Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black

  • XHC²™ dual cutter technology for 75% faster* sharpening and 12x longer life
  • SharpStop™ automatically shuts motor off to prevent over-sharpening
  • SharpGlow™ illumination provides a visual indicator when sharpening is complete
  • Tool-free removable cutter cartridge for fast & easy cleaning or replacement
  • QuietSharp™ fan-cooled robust motor for continuous quiet stall-free operation
  • MagnaSafe™ tamper-proof safety switch shuts down motor when shavings tray is removed
  • One-hand easy turn 6-size selector dial, with TriWrite™ compatibility
  • Colored pencil compatible
  • High capacity easy clean shavings tray
  • Oversized base with suction cup feet for added stability
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty


Constructed for demanding environments. Its equipped with a robust QuietSharp™ fan-cooled motor to provide continuous quiet operation and delivers 75% faster sharpening** speeds. Skillfully, the SharpStop™ will automatically shut the sharpener down when sharpening is completed, followed by the SharpGlow™ illumination emitting a white light around the dial to provide a clear visual indicator when sharpening is complete. Built with our XHC²™ dual cutter cartridge technology to provide more precise sharpening and features tool-free removal for a quick and simple cleaning or replacement! This sharpener is conveniently colored pencil compatible and its 6-size dial accommodates numerous pencil sizes including Tri-Write™. The high capacity shavings tray features our MagnaSafe™ tamper-proof safety switch that shuts down the motor when the tray is removed for added protection.

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