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SuperPro™ Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black

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SuperPro™ Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is Designed for Heavy Use
  • XHC²™ dual cutter technology for 75% faster* sharpening and 12x longer life
  • SharpStop™ automatically shuts motor off to prevent over sharpening
  • SharpGlow™ illumination provides a visual indicator when sharpening is complete
  • Tool-free removable cutter cartridge for fast & easy cleaning or replacement
  • QuietSharp™ fan cooled robust motor for continuous quiet stall-free operation
  • MagnaSafe™ tamper proof safety switch shuts down motor when shavings tray is removed
  • One-hand easy turn 6-size selector dial, with TriWrite™ compatibility
  • Colored pencil compatible
  • Antimicrobial protected brushed metal case for classroom survivability
  • High capacity easy clean shavings tray
  • Oversized base with suction cup feet for added stability
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
SuperPro™ Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is Designed for Heavy Use


Constructed for demanding environments. Its equipped with a robust QuietSharp™ fan cooled motor to provide continuous quiet operation and delivers 75% faster sharpening** speeds. Skillfully, the SharpStop™ will automatically shut the sharpener down when sharpening is completed, followed by the SharpGlow™ illumination emitting a white light around the dial to provide a clear visual indicator when sharpening is complete. Built with our XHC²™ dual cutter cartridge technology to provide more precise sharpening and features tool-free removal for quick and simple cleaning or replacement! Its conveniently colored pencil compatible and its 6-size dial accommodates numerous pencil sizes including Tri-Write™?. The high capacity shavings tray features our MagnaSafe™ tamper proof safety switch that shuts down the motor when the tray is removed for added protection. Antimicrobial protected.


Customer Reviews


Bought two for our classes and neither sharpen the pencil straight. You end up with wood still on the tip - Review by Jjona5

Bought two for our classes and neither sharpen the pencil straight. You end up with wood still on the tip. To write the students have to pick the wood off the side or try to spin the pencil while they are sharpening.

(Posted on 1/15/19)


Did not last one testing season - Review by Media Center Sharpener

We have multiples of this stapler and now 2 of them stopped working before the end of the school year in which we bought them. Started like a work horse but gave up quicker than expected for the price paid. We only let adults use to sharpen testing pencils but it couldn’t take the challenge.

(Posted on 4/24/18)


Worth Every Penny!! - Review by Joanne

This sharpener is really incredible. I teach art to elementary school kids and this sharpener is a life saver. I was definitely hesitant to spend the money on this product but after doing a lot of research, I caved and bought it. Here's why it's awesome and totally worth it.

1. It sharpens VERY fast so I don't have kids standing around the sharpener for the first 20 minutes of my 1 hour art class
2. It STOPS and GLOWS when the pencil is sharpened
3. It can sharpen 30 pencils back to back. It doesn't quit. It doesn't overheat
4. I've had this sharpener for 2 years. I have had all kinds of nonsense get stuck in the cutter and it's take me 2 minutes to easily clean it out every time. Color pencils are waxy and I've had to throw away many sharpeners because the wax gets built up in the cutter and the sharpener no longer sharpens to a point. NOT THIS GUY. Super easy to clean. And when the blade does dull (and it will with the number of kids/pencils that go through my classroom), I just buy a VERY AFFORDABLE replacement cutter and change it out. It's also very easy to change. It's only like 3 steps and i don't need any tools.

This machine has been so amazing for me! If you're a teacher, this is a sharpener you want to fight for to get put into your school's budget. Worth every penny!

(Posted on 10/26/17)

Sample Review - Review by Sample

This is a sample review

(Posted on 6/6/17)

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