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Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp, White

  • Wireless charging pad to quickly power up devices 
  • Easy-to-use, touch-activated power control 
  • Dimmer function for optimal brightness 
  • Flexible, silicone neck to easily position light zone 
  • Includes 3' USB power cord 
  • Adjustable color temperature modes for reading, studying, relaxing and sleeping 
  • Uses cost-efficient LEDs that last up to 50,000 hours and use 85% less energy than incandescent lamps 
  • Flicker-free light zone that is clear of shadows, halos and troublesome glares 

Charge your phone while you illuminate your space and work with this Bostitch Office wireless charging desk lamp! The base doubles as a charging pad for any of your wireless electronic devices. You can charge your phone or tablet simply by setting it down on the base of this desk lamp. This white LED desk lamp also features a flexible silicone neck so you can effortlessly position the light zone to wherever you need it. The lamp mimics natural daylight to reduce eyestrain, so you can stay focused while you read, work or study. Not only can you use the timer to automatically have the light power off after 40 minutes but you can also use the touch-sensitive controls on the base to power on and off, as well as set your ideal lighting settings with the seamless dimming for optimal brightness. Sleek, simple and functional, what else could you possibly need in a desk light? It’s the perfect office, home office and classroom desk accessory. 

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