4 DIY Pool Toys and Water Activity Ideas

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Now that summer has fully arrived and the sun is only getting hotter, the best way to spend your summer days is in the water! Whether you have a pool or are looking for some outdoor water activities, we have the perfect DIY projects for you! From making your own pool toys to a home-made Slip ‘n Slide, read on for more ideas on how to make your summer a cool one!

1. Water Sponge Toys:

Start off your summer with some water sponge toys your kids will want to play with while splashing around in the pool! All you need are a few sponges, a pair of Stanley Non-Stick Titanium Scissors, and some zip ties!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Use three of the small sponges and cut each of them into thirds. Once they are cut, hold all 9 strips of the sponges together and zip tie them in the middle.

 Step 2: Once the zip tie has been pulled as tight as it can be, cut the excess of the zip tie off. Once the sponges are secured by the zip tie, all you have to do is fluff the sponges out and you now have your water sponge toys!

water sponge toys

Project adapted from Make and Take.

2. DIY Pool Boats: 

These DIY pool boats can be used for racing in a pool, creek, bathtub, or even a water table! If your kids love making their own toys and enjoy a little summer competition, this is the perfect activity for them! All you need is 3 wine corks, a toothpick, rubber bands, cotton strings, and some cardstock paper!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Wrap 3 wine corks with two rubber bands.

Step 2: If you plan to race your toy boat in a creek or lake, attach a length of cotton string to keep your boat from floating away. However, if it does happen to float off, it is   made from natural materials that will break down and decompose.

Step 3: Insert a toothpick into the middle cork (in between the two rubber bands) to form the mast. Add a cardstock sail by threading it through the toothpick, as shown.

pool toy boat

Project adapted from Inner Child Fun.

3. Swimming Pool Scrabble:

If you’re looking for an entertaining pool game for kids and adults, swimming pool scrabble is the game for you! It’s just the game you need to keep your friends and family entertained for all the cookouts and summer backyard parties to come! All you need are sponges, a pair of Stanley Non-Stick Titanium Scissors, a waterproof marker, and some enthusiastic friends!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Use the scissors to cut the sponges in half and use the marker to write letters on each sponge

Step 2: Throw the “scrabble sponges” in the pool, then swim to collect all of the pieces.

Step 3: Once you’ve collected your sponges, play an age appropriate game of scrabble with the pieces you picked.


swimming pool scrabble

Project adapted from Toddler Approved.

4. DIY Slip 'n Slide:

If you’re looking for a DIY backyard water activity, think about replicating this DIY Slip ‘n Slide! Not only is this mega Slip ‘n Slide age appropriate and fun for kids and adults, but your yard will be the talk of the summer! All you'll need are some foam pool noodles, some Velcro, a sprinkler hose, and of course a heavy-duty roll of plastic for the body of the slide.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Use the pool noodles to create the frame of the Slip ‘n Slide and then wrap the edges with the heavy-duty roll of plastic.

Step 2: Use the Velcro to enclose the plastic around the pool noodle so that it does not open.

Step 3: Once the body of the Slip ‘n Slide is enclosed, run a sprinkler hose next to the slide so it gets nice and wet for you to begin your backyard water activity!

slip 'n slide

Project adapted from Life Hacker.

We hope these DIY pool toys, and water activities are just what you were looking for to get your summer started with a splash! Tag us on Twitter (@Bostitchoffice) with your own backyard water activities!

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