5 Reasons Why You Need Natural Daylight

natural daylight

Have you ever noticed how people tend to be all-around happier in the summer than in the winter? Well, it’s not solely the biting cold weather bringing people down; we’re simply exposed to less natural daylight during the cold winter months. Among increasing serotonin and mood levels, there are numerous other personal effects of natural daylight which can impact your work and day-to-day life.

The following are some reasons as to why you need to incorporate natural daylight wherever you are, with some handy tips on how to do so!

1. Better Your Health

Windows provide much more than quality views. A post by Healthline reports that natural sunlight can benefit individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, along with fighting stress. Next time you’re feeling a bit tense, don’t drown yourself out in darkness; go outside. Use your lunch break to eat outside and take a walk or start your mornings with a jog around your neighborhood. Clear your head with some fresh air and natural daylight before the sun begins to set so you feel healthier and happier throughout your day. If snow or rain is preventing you from getting some actual daylight, try switching on one of our Battery-Operated Desk Lamps that actually produces mood-boosting natural daylight!

better your health

2. Increase Productivity

In order to stay focused at work, natural daylight in offices is a must. According to an article published by Eco-Business, “40% of workplaces with good daylight had a 3%-40% gain in productivity and sales.” Need to start checking off some major tasks? Reposition yourself closer to a window or turn on a Bostitch Modern Desk Lamp that mimics natural daylight to get the most out of your work environment.

Not only is this important for adults, but studies show that students need to study in environments where they can also be exposed to natural daylight. According to Oxford Learning, taking study breaks outside and being exposed to a different scenery can help inspire and motivate students to boost their productivity in the classroom. Not only will this help refresh their minds to learn new ideas, but it gives them a chance to let out some energy too!

increase productivity

3. Improve Vision

Squinting while completing anything is tough; however, daylight eliminates that – as long as you’re not outside staring straight up at the sun, of course. Whether you’re crafting with the kids, reading, or just working, natural light will be sure to keep you away from dimly lit areas, making you feel awake and squint-free. If you can’t take a break to go outside, think about investing in the Bostitch Office Radial Daylight Desk Lamp that not only mimics natural daylight, but will help reduce eyestrain as you work! This lamp is easy on the eyes in more ways than one! The LEDs mimic natural daylight for a fresh vision even when you're inside. They last up to 50,000 hours and use 85% less energy, making incorporating this unique desk lamp into your space a no-brainer. 

improve vision

4. Sleep Better

In the same article done by Eco-Business, it was found that employees who worked in an environment with windows received 46 more minutes of sleep each night than those without. So, in order to catch more z’s, escape the dark throughout the day. Allowing your body to decipher between night and day will keep your mind in check for when it’s bedtime. Moms - this may be your solution for sleepless kids!

Not only will being exposed to natural sunlight help fix your sleep schedule, but it can also help your psychological health too! According to a study done by NCBI, insufficient sleep can lead to short-term memory loss, slower psychomotor reflexes, and diminished attention throughout the day, caused by windowless work and study environments. Make sure you take time throughout your day to go outside so you can improve your sleep schedule and improve your psychological health to stay on task throughout the day!

sleep better

5. Save Energy & Cut Costs

Switch off the ceiling lights and take advantage of the sun rays beaming through your windows for a while. If it’s too dark outside, another option includes using energy-efficient LED desk lamps that use 85% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. These tips are sure to brighten your mood, environment, and the best part – lower your electric bill!

No access to natural daylight while inside? No worries! Mimic the outdoors with some greenery in sparse corners. Better yet, check out the Bostitch Office natural daylight LED lighting options to liven up your space, suiting both homes and offices with our expansive line of desk lamps and floor lamps. Bringing the outdoors inside has never been so easy!

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