5 Things to Do Tonight For a Better Tomorrow

5 Things to Do Tonight For a Better Tomorrow

Do you ever feel like waking up can seem like such a daunting task? The feeling of having to leave the comfort of your bed and to start a new day. You’ve brushed your teeth, put on your pajamas, and have already began to think about the stress of what is to come the next day. Well you’re not alone. We’ve all been in a situation where we feel like we don’t know how to prepare for the next day or how to destress at night from the busy day we just had. We’re here to give you five tips to help you wind down tonight, so you can experience a better day tomorrow.

Evaluate Your Day

We know that once you get home from work, the last thing you want to do is think about the day you just had in the office. Even if today was a terrible day, that doesn’t mean tomorrow has to be the same. By taking 10 minutes out of your day to disconnect from technology and any distractions to reflect on today, it can help you build a better tomorrow. You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can prepare ideas to prevent any of the unnecessary stress and nuances from happening in the future. Think about what you did today that you would like to keep the same because it made you happy. Ask yourself what you can do differently to avoid anything that made you stressed and direct yourself in the right path for a better and more productive tomorrow.

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Make a to-do List

Last-minute planning can turn events from an easy-going day into a stressful day of backed up tasks and constant rushing around. To avoid the unnecessary pressure, prepare a to-do list to get a jump start on a successful tomorrow. Whether it’s planning out your morning routine, what you need to get done tomorrow for work, or planning a relaxation day, making to-do lists can take away the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done because it is already prepared!

Start by planning out your outfit for tomorrow. By completing this simple task, you already save yourself time in the morning without from stressing out about what to wear. Then focus on what you can do before you go to work; leaving 10 minutes earlier to avoid traffic or giving yourself enough time to go for that morning jog before you need to leave. Lay out a list of what your goals are while you’re at work, prioritizing them so you’re prepared before even entering the office with what you want to complete before you leave. This can lead you on a smooth path of successfully completing those tasks that have been hanging over you. Avoid the pressure of scrambling around throughout the day by preparing a to-do list that will save you time, reduce anxiety and help you have a better day.

Practice Meditation

Whether it’s attending an evening yoga class or isolating yourself in your bedroom for a few minutes when you get home, meditating can help clear your mind from the stresses of today. According to Psychology Today, meditating after a long work day can help create a boundary between work and your home life, allowing you to better relax and unwind. Clear your mind from the world of work and tasks, taking deep breaths to help steady your breathing, and visualize yourself letting go of any distractions or negative feelings that have followed you home from work. Make this a part of your daily habits so you not only use this time to de-stress from any gloominess that you took home, you don’t allow yourself to bring it with you into tomorrow.

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Read a Book

Although it is tempting to get home and dive into a series on Netflix or turn on the news, watching TV can actually add more stress into your life. Instead of Netflix, curl up with some blankets and a good book. According to the Chicago Tribune, reading a book can actually help alleviate stress from the day, and promote comprehension and imagination. Escape from the real world and enter a world you can create yourself, allowing yourself to be free from the stress of your day-to-day tasks and focusing on the journey the book is taking you on. Using this time to disconnect from the world and connecting with your inner self will help you steady your thoughts and unwind from the whirlwind of a day you just had. Not only will you sleep better, it will also give you a clear mind before bedtime and before going in to work tomorrow.

Do Some Stretching

At the end of a long day your body can feel tense and your mind cluttered. Don’t let the strains of your muscles stop your mind and body from winding down at night. Stretch! This is easy to do and can be completed when you get home from a long day, while watching TV, or before bedtime. A healthy, stress-free body will lead to a healthy and happy mind! Release the tensions of the day by releasing the tensions in your body!

By getting the circulation flowing through your body, and by stretching out tight muscles, your body can feel more relaxed and allow you to better de-stress from any tensions you were carrying throughout the day. Get the blood flowing from your head to toes by raising your arms and stretching out your legs to release any tightness and clearing any tensions from today to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep and waking up to a better tomorrow. Check out our Yoga Poses of the Month blog for fun ideas to help you stretch and connect your mind, soul, and body.


Although there are many ways to de-stress from a long, stressful day, these are our favorite ways to wind down tonight to have a better day tomorrow. Let us know what your night-time routine is to prepare your tomorrow by giving us a shout out on twitter!

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