5 Tips for Starting a New Job

5 Tips for Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be both exciting and terrifying. You’ve picked out your outfit and prepared for what the day is going to bring but you just can’t seem to shake the nerves. It seems impossible to ignore those first day jitters. Don’t worry—there are tricks to shake those nerves. Read on to learn our tips on how to be confident when starting a new job.

1. Creating time management skills from the start

Time management skills are important for what you do both inside and outside the office when starting a new job. According to the Creativity Post, how you manage your time outside of the office can be relative to how you manage tasks at the office. Time management includes tasks such as getting a full night’s sleep, getting an early start in the morning to prepare for your day, and including a healthy diet and exercise in your daily life. By managing your time outside the office, managing tasks within your job will come easier.

Time management at work should include creating an organized system that prioritizes tasks from most to least important. Instead of trying to tackle multiple tasks at once, your time and attention should be devoted to the most important task at hand. Eliminate anything non-essential and don’t allow yourself to obsess over small details.

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2. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

Starting a new job can be stressful on its own and learning new terms and shortcuts can be just as frustrating. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about new terminology and tasks you don’t completely understand yet. If you don’t speak up, no one will know if you need help. It is important to ask as many questions as it takes to successfully complete a task and learn the ropes of your new job.

3. Setting healthy boundaries

Start by setting boundaries on how late you’re willing to stay at work, or how early you’re willing to come in, and how many days a week you’re willing to do this. It is also important to set boundaries on how many tasks you are willing to handle at a time and when it is okay to say no to extra work load. It’s okay to take on an extra load but don’t take more than you can handle because you want to try to impress your new boss.

Aside from these work boundaries, it is also important for you to decide how much personal information you are willing to share with your coworkers. Everyone is dealing with life outside of the office, it’s up to you to share as much information about yours that you are comfortable with. Just because one coworker may be more comfortable sharing, does not mean you should feel pressured to share as much as them.

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4. Be careful with early demands

When starting a new job, it is important to tread lightly when requesting demands for times you want to work and how you want to be scheduled. Don’t make heavy demands your first few weeks, show up on time and complete tasks when they are expected to be completed. If you start by doing this, you will be shown more leniency when making requests in the future. Great work leads to trust and rewards.

5. Sell your personal brand

Part of starting a new job and gaining your boss’ and coworkers’ trust is through the way you sell your personal brand. It is important to be true to yourself while selling your personal brand. According to the Marketing Inside Group, you should sell your brand through ways in which you present yourself on social media. Your coworkers are paying attention to the ways you act online and, in the office, making it important to display yourself in the way you want to be perceived by everybody. You can take this opportunity to show your strengths, likes and dislikes, and interests in a way that people can relate to you and gain an opinion on your brand. We are the CEO’s of our own brand and we want to send the best and most true-to-you messages we can.

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Although there are many ways you can prepare for a new job, we believe these are important steps you can take for a successful start in your career. Let us know how these tips helped you prepare for your first day by giving us a shout out on twitter!

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