A Buyer’s Guide to Desk Lamps

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As the season changes and the sun begins to rise later in the morning and set earlier at night, you might notice how dark your work office or home office appears in the beginning and end of your workday. This is the perfect time of year to invest in desk lamps to not only light up your workspace correctly but to also save your eyes from any strain during darker days! From LED and adjustable desk lamps to lamps that are color changing and include special features, our buyer’s guide to desk lamps will help you find the best lamp that’s suitable to your work desk and your budget.

Adjustable and LED lighting Desk Lamps:

If you’re someone who needs a lot of space and light to work, we have just what you need! The Bostitch Office line of adjustable desk lamps give you full range of motion to move the light to just where you need it. Whether you’re looking for a lamp to go in your living room or nightstand, these adjustable lamps can brighten up any room. Read on to learn more about some of the adjustable lamps we offer.

Adjustable USB Desk Lamp:

adjustable USB desk lamp

The Adjustable USB Desk Lamp has a gooseneck design so that you can easily position the light zone to the space on your desk where you’re working. The full spectrum lighting even mimics natural daylight and reduces eyestrain for when you’re working after the sun sets! It even comes with two built in USB ports for convenient device charging!

Adjustable Clamp Desk Lamp:

adjustable clamp desk lamp

The Adjustable Clamp Desk Lamp not only comes with a clamp to hold itself to the back of your desk, but it also comes with suction cups for stable installation as well. This adjustable lamp with clamp feature saves space on your desk and can be positioned to add a flicker-free light zone to any area of your desk!

Adjustable Arm LED Desk Lamp:

adjustable arm LED desk lamp

The Adjustable Arm LED Desk Lamp is equipped with a 30” boom arm that fully adjusts and can be positioned for directional lighting on any area of your desk. Too bright? This desk lamp offers a one-touch multi-level dimming setting to adjust the level of brightness. This lamp stays sturdy on your desk with a weighted base for extra stability and simulates natural daylight to give your eyes a much-needed break. It even has a built-in USB port for convenient device charging.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Digital Screen:

dimmable LED desk lamp

If you’re looking for a desk lamp to help you wind down at night, the Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with digital screen is the lamp for you. It has three adjustable color temperature modes for relaxing, reading and helping to guide you with any tasks you need to finish at night. It even has a built-in USB port so you can charge your phone while you work on your tasks. The digital screen even has a built-in clock and alarm feature, so you don’t lose track of time as you get whisked away in your book.

Color Changing and Special Feature Desk Lamps:

If you’re looking for desk lamps for your college dorms or bedrooms, try our color changing desk lamps. The color changing feature adds a fun tone to every room and can be set to match your favorite theme! Looking for a lamp with special features to help guide your studies or workday? Read on to see what these Bostitch Office desk lamps have to offer.

Color Changing Desk Lamp with RGB Base:

color changing desk lamp

This Color Changing Desk Lamp comes with a color changing RGB base to add brilliant moods and accent lighting to any room! This base has an easy touch-activated wheel for precision in color selecting. It even comes with three brightness levels for you to set the perfect mood of the room!

Color Changing Desk Lamp with RGB Arm:

color chaning desk lamp

The Color Changing Desk Lamp with RGB Arm comes with a touch-activated color changing strip for brilliant mood and accent lighting to add to any room. The lights can even be dimmed on three levels to fit the atmosphere of your room. It even has a USB port and fully adjustable lamp head and arm to easily position your light zone on your desk.

LED Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan:

LED desk lamp with bladeless fan

Do you find yourself getting hot while you’re working or studying in your dorm or office rooms? Try the LED Desk Lamp with a Bladeless Fan that offers multi-level cooling and is silent, so it doesn’t disturb anyone around you! It even has a touch sensitive dimmer switch for custom brightness levels.

Clamp on Magnifying Lamp:

clamp on magnifying lamp

If you spend most of your day reading paperwork the clamp on magnifying lamp might be the right lamp for you. The 5” magnifying lens allows for perfect viewing of intricate details from a practical range, so you don’t strain your eyes. It can even be installed to your desk tool-free!

LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp with USB:

LED bluetooth speaker lamp

If you find it easier to get your work done while listening to music, the LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp is the right lamp for you! This lamp comes with a Bluetooth feature with a receiving range up to 10-meters and has a high-quality speaker. You can even charge your phone with the built-in USB feature, so it doesn’t die while you’re in the middle of jamming out to your favorite tunes. It even has three adjustable light modes that mimics natural daylight to match the mood of your room!

Desk Lamps by Affordability:

Don’t forget to check out our affordable desk lamps. Not only can you choose our goose neck and battery-operated lamps for low prices, but they come offered in multiple colors too! Read on to see what these Bostitch Office desk lamps have to offer.

Battery Operated Desk Lamps:

battery operated desk lamp

For only $14.99, our Battery-Operated Desk Lamps come offered in four colors and are even rechargeable. This lamp has a USB charging port for your devices and can be set to three adjustable color temperature modes. It even has a compact folding design so you can easily take it with you on the go!

Gooseneck Desk Lamp:

gooseneck desk lamp

The Gooseneck Desk Lamp, offered in five colors, comes at the affordable price of $29.99. It has a flexible silicon neck that can be positioned to fit your light zone and three dimmer options! It even has a USB port so you can charge your devices and an easy to use, touch sensitive power control!

We hope this buyer’s guide to desk lamps helps you find the perfect lamp for your working needs! Tag us on Twitter (@Bostitchoffice) with the desk lamp that stands out most to you!

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