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Are you gearing up to get back to business? Looking for trendy new signs, cards, and office décor to spruce up your office and work life this year? You can even keep your work space up to date with social distancing signs so your customers can follow protocols without questioning. Whatever you are looking for to give your office a little makeover, we have just what you need when you download our free parking passes, business cards, organizing worksheets, and even some trendy new safety, warning, and health signs! 

Click each photo to download a full-size PDF and laminate for extra durability of these signs in the office!

Social Distancing:

While businesses are beginning to reopen, it is important to remember to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the employees and other customers around you. From washing your hands, to standing 6 feet apart, and ensuring your customers are wearing their masks, we've got you covered! Practice safety protocols with these free social distancing signs so that you can remain safe as businesses begin to reopen! You can also find the guidelines for how to protect yourself, your business, and your workplace from COVID-19 at the official CDC website

6 ft apart

bathroom sign

do not ennter if sick

mask must be worn

online order pickup

stand apart

stay in your car

stay safely apart

table not in use

pandemic store set

Parking Signs:

It's never a bad time to not only revitalize signs around your office, but to also add a little spunk outside of your office. You can now download and print our free parking passes for any visitors coming through the office!

employee parking

customer parking

handicap parking

Getting Organized:

We’ve all made resolutions for moving into the New Year, why not take those to the office too? We’re helping you stay organized with free calendars, contact sheets, and employee schedule templates to help bring a little more order to your life this year! Even if you're just trying to stay more organized as the year goes on, it's never too late to download and print out these free calendar templates!

pink weekly calendar

traditional calendar

green monthly calendar

contact sheet

employee schedule


Warning, Safety, and Health:

We know how important it is to keep your employees, as well as your visitors, safe within the office walls. We want to help by offering these free no smoking signs, employee wash hand signs, and more to keep your office hazard-free!

no smoking

smoking area

employee must wash hands

no solicitors

watch your step

no outside food or drink

We hope these signs will help you and your office as you get back to business this year! Let us know if these were useful to you by tagging us on twitter (@Bostitchoffice)!

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