Whether you work in a traditional or home office, your desktop matters. Not sure how to spice up your workspace and rid your area of clutter? We get it - making decisions can be hard. Finding the best desk setup can be tricky with so many options on the market. Lucky for you, we've crafted the perfect quiz to help you out.

By answering a handful of questions about you and your office space, you'll soon reveal which Konnect™ Desktop Organizer and Cable Management Kit you need. Are you a Simple Sally or a Balanced Ben when it comes to your desktop demands? Scroll down to find out! With a clean and organized work environment, your productivity will skyrocket. We're sure of it. So, what was your best-fitting Konnect™ kit? Are you power-hungry? We can't blame you! Every office space deserves a modern yet minimalist makeover! Not yet sold on what Konnect™ can do for you? Check out this before and after desktop transformation!