2019 Holiday Party Planning Guide

2019 Holiday Party Planning Guide

Did our 101 holiday party ideas inspire you to throw your own festive party? We hoped it would! You've come to the right place, we’re here to help you plan that party down to the last detail! Our free, 15-page printable holiday planning guide has all the checklists and guides to help you plan the hottest celebration during this cold winter season!

Jam-packed with shopping lists, a budget planner, décor, to-do lists and more, this printable holiday planning guide is yours to print and fill out, so no task or item is forgotten. The pre-party planning checklist can help you plan your party needs and prepare you for any mishaps. Not sure how many cookies to bake? We've got the answer! Look to our supply and serving guide to plan the perfectly balanced meals and hors d'oeuvres for your guests. Rather than worry, you get to sit back and organize your holiday party essentials, stress-free! Use this guide for your at-home party with friends or back at the office with your work family!

But first, here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

holiday budget planner holiday budget planner

Printable Holiday Budget Planner

pre party checklist pre party checklist

Printable Pre-Party Checklist

party planning listparty planning list

Printable Holiday Shopping List

holiday supply listholiday supply list

Printable Holiday Supply List

Printable Post-Party Checklist

serving guideserving guide

Printable Holiday Serving Guide

While these easy planning tips are our gift to you, you get to do the wrapping! Laminate this holiday party guide with any of our laminating supplies to protect and reuse at next year's celebration. Some say it's the finishing touch, we call it the bow tying the whole present together!

Use the coupon code LAM20 to get 20% off all laminating supplies to easily preserve your party essentials, such as name tags, games and wall decor!

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