How to Make Paper Lanterns

How to Make Paper Lanterns

Welcome to the heat of summer! The kids have been home from school for a few months now and the demand for activities is at an all-time high. What does that mean? It’s time for another seasonal craft!

Check out this Japanese Paper Lantern craft! This DIY project is easy to make, kid-friendly and entertaining for the whole family to get involved! Read on for a step-by-step guide and to see just how you can illuminate this project into your bright, summer day.

Materials Needed:

This craft was inspired by Make a Paper Lantern!

Lantern craft suppliesLantern craft supplies

Orange Abstract Flower /><p style=Step 1: Start by preparing any rectangular sheet of paper (or use card stock for more sturdiness). After choosing your paper and color, cut off a 1-inch wide strip from the end to save for the handle! Then fold it in half lengthwise.

folding paperfolding paper

Orange Abstract Flower /><p32Step 2: Draw lines that reach almost to the half-way point of the paper, deciding for yourself how far apart you want each line to be along the folded horizontal end. Changing the number of strips will change the look of each lantern!

cutting papercutting paper

Paper Plate CraftStep 3:Take each end of the paper and wrap them around to make a tube shape using the stapler to connect the two ends together. Once the lantern is secured together, you can push it inwards from both ends to allow light to shine through.

putting lamp togetherputting lamp together

Paper Plate CraftStep 4: Decorate the lantern to your own artistic touch, gluing any decorative fabric or paper pieces to it making it unique. Keep it in theme by using colors to represent the Chinese New Year, or use it to decorate your house festival style.

putting handle on lampputting handle on lamp

Paper Plate CraftStep 5: Use the 1-hole punch to complete the look by tying the handle back to the lantern so you can hang it in the garden, around the house, or to carry it around!

finished lamp craftfinished lamp craft

Paper Plate CraftTips! Once completed you can use the paper lantern as a center piece by placing it over a tea candle to see the light shine through!

tea candlestea candles

Ta-da! The creation of your new summer time family-fun activity is complete! Now all that is left is to enjoy your lantern as it lights up the night!

light through lanternlight through lantern

If you and your family made the Japanese Paper Lantern, share it with us by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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