Saint Patrick's Day Craft: Leprechaun Binoculars

Saint Patrick's Day Craft: Leprechaun Binoculars

What's St. Patrick's Day without searching for the end of a rainbow and being on the lookout for sneaky leprechauns along the way? Encourage your classroom full of eager bodies to work together on their search for the mischievous little guy, and make these binoculars to help them out! They're not only super cute but also are easy to make and the most effective tools for finding leprechauns (yep - that's a proven fact!)

Leave clues of gold coin candy or pennies around the room that eventually lead to the wanted man. But first, here's how to make the binoculars...

Materials Needed:

This craft was inspired by The Classroom Creative!

St. Patricks day craft suppliesSt. Patricks day craft supplies

 Step 1: Using the scissors, make a hole in the middle of the paper towel roll. Use that to start cutting it into two halves.

scissors cutting tubescissors cutting tube

 Step 2: With your green decorative paper and pencil, mark the height of the paper towel roll and cut a straight line across the whole page, as shown below.

cutting green papercutting green paper

 Step 3: Place glue on that same piece of paper and wrap it around the paper towel roll. For extra security, we also stapled the seams.

rolling green paper around tuberolling green paper around tube

 Step 4: Repeat steps two and three on the second half of the cardboard roll.

green binoculars green binoculars

 Step 5: Next, decorate! We kept it simple by cutting a strip of the white decorate paper and rolling it around the edge of each tube. Though, this is totally optional. You can glam it up with sparkles, apply stickers, or simply draw freely. Though, we hear the more green these binoculars are, the more likely they're are to find leprechauns!

grey and white stripe papergrey and white stripe paper
decorating binocularsdecorating binoculars
striped border on binocularsstriped border on binoculars

 Step 6: Attach the two tubes together by stapling them in the middle.

stapling tubes together stapling tubes together

 Step 7 & 8: Punch a hole on each side towards the "top" of the bincolars. Lastly, cut a piece of string (long enough to fit over your head and around your neck) and tie it through each hole. You're done - get searching!

string through binoculars string through binoculars
strung through binocularsstrung through binoculars

Don't forget to scout around in all corners of the room and any outside bushes. Leprechauns are known to be sneaky, so always be sure your shoe laces aren't tied together before taking a step!

person looking through binocularsperson looking through binoculars
looking into busheslooking into bushes

If your kids make these binoculars and have luck finding leprechauns, we’d LOVE to see! Send us photos and tag us on our Facebook and Twitter!

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