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Work from Home Office Essentials

With the stay at home orders lifting and COVID-19 cases decreasing, some offices are opening back up and having their employees return to work, while other businesses are still having their employees work from home. If you’re working from home, it’s important yourself up for success to work remote effectively. Making sure your at-home office is ergonomically fit with the best chair, desk, and office supplies for you should be a top priority. Creating a home office allows you to make your workspace setup customized just for you.

While setting up your physical workspace at home, keeping a list of your everyday work needs should stay top of mind. Do you need a desktop organizer? Do you need a natural daylight lamp or a lamp with a fan? Do you need a laminator? Making a checklist of all the essential supplies you need will help you set up the best work from home office for you. If you’re going to have a lot of video interaction and online meetings, you’ll want to make sure the room you’re in looks professional, even though you’re at home. Tasteful artwork and cool tone lighting make for a great video presentation.

We know working remote can take some getting used to as it’s easy to give in to certain distractions if you’re working from home. While setting up your physical workspace is important, it’s also important to set up your mental space. It’s easy to find yourself working through lunch or working longer hours when you’re working in the same spot all day. It can also be hard to resist doing chores or helping a family member out with something on a quick break. Setting boundaries that help to keep your professional and personal life separate while telecommunicating is key. Reclaiming your mental and physical space while working from home can be as simple as creating a routine and ditching the distractions. Managing your time, taking walk breaks, and finding a dedicated workspace are just some of the ways you can make working from home just as successful and productive as working in the office.