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Handheld Pencil Sharpeners

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School pencil cases are nothing without portable handheld pencil sharpeners. The Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp line caters to kids and their sharpening needs both inside and outside of the classroom. Their mini, compact design allows them to travel on the go in any backpack or bag, coming in three bright colors for a fun, personal touch.

Choose between two different types of handheld sharpeners: the original Twist-n-Sharp or the Twist-n-Sharp Duo with two holes. While students are known for going through many pencils, each sharpener has tip saving technology, prolonging each pencil’s life. With an adjustable knob for either sharp or blunt pencil tip preferences, Bostitch handheld sharpers are not limited to simply sharpening standard lead pencils, but also welcome colored pencils for all coloring needs.

Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpeners are as easy as twist and sharp, with a clean shavings tray adding to the convenience and portability. It’s important that these travel pencil sharpeners are simple enough for kids to use anytime and anywhere. With our legendary and specially designed handheld pencil sharpeners, now there’s no reason to fear broken tips!

Twist-n-Sharp™ Kids Pencil Sharpener

Known as the original Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpener, this unit is compact and colorful to successfully fit into any bag, drawer, or pencil case. It’s also great for classroom environments and craft use at home!

  • Ratchet Mechanism – Save time and wrist work with the ratchet mechanism. Offering fast and easier sharpening without having to let go of the pencil, it requires you to simply twist the sharpener back and forth to achieve the perfect pencil tip.
  • Tip Saver™ Technology - Preventing you from wasting time, energy and pencil lead, the Tip Saver™ Technology is also a lifesaver. It automatically stops cutting when the pencil is fully sharpened, preventing the tip from breaking and over sharpening. This saves pencils overtime, limiting waste and saving money!
  • Customizable Pencil Tip – Did you know you could ever achieve two types of pencil tips with just one sharpener? Well, with this handheld sharpener, you can choose between a pointed or blunt tip. Simply take advantage of the adjustable knob on the front of the sharpener. The pointed tip is great for writing or precise coloring, while the blunt tip is more suitable for smaller kids and lots of coloring.
  • Easy-clean Shavings Tray – Never worry about creating a mess with pencil shavings everywhere. The shavings tray is easy to clean to keep your workspace tidy. Simply flip open the hinged shavings tray for quick waste disposal. The sharpener is also translucent so you can see exactly when the sharpener is full.

Twist-n-Sharp™ Duo Pencil Sharpeners

This duo pencil is the second version of the Twist-n-Sharp handheld pencil sharpener. What’s the difference? There are two holes for sharpening! Why? Because sometimes two is better than one. Plus, it makes it suitable for kids of all ages, of course.

  • Two Hole Design – This sharpener doesn’t feature just one hole for sharpening, but two! Great for kids of all ages, this duo handheld sharpener sharpens both regular and jumbo sized lead and colored pencils. That means students just starting to learn how to write with larger pencils can use this sharpener.
  • Ratchet Mechanism – The easy twist mechanism saves you time while working towards your sharpened pencil. Plus, no sore wrists!
  • Tip Saver™ Technology - The Bostitch Tip Saver™ Technology prolongs pencil life. How? It simply stops cutting and sharpening once the pencil is fully sharpened.
  • Customizable Pencil Tip – Choose between a blunt or pointed pencil top with the adjustable knob. Great for coloring or learning, having the option to customize your writing experience is always necessary.
  • Easy-clean Shavings Tray – Keep your space clean and organized as the shavings tray captures all pencil fallout. Simply open the hinged tray to empty out waste once full.