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8" Multi-Purpose Scissors, Blue


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Blue 8" Multi-Purpose Scissors
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel blades for extended cutting life
  • Thick, robust blade effortlessly cuts through tough materials
  • Ergonomic handle design with a soft, cushioned grip for comfortable use
  • Defined blade edge for smooth, precise cutting
  • Precision blade tip delivers a crisp, clean cut every time
  • Molded finger rest for added control
  • Adjustable blade tension allows for tailored cutting performance
Blue 8" Multi-Purpose Scissors


Snip through a single sheet or use for detailed crafts. These multi-purpose scissors are as versatile as you want them to be - and it all has to do with the blades. They feature 8" stainless steel blades with a precision tip and sharp, defined edges for consistent, crisp cutting. Alter the adjustable blade tension to tailor the performance. So long sore hands. The navy blue ergonomic grip and molded finger rest provides ultimate comfort. That means these all-purpose scissors great for at home, school, work, or anywhere that entails continuous scissor use. Pair them with any of the matching Konnect™ supplies, such as the storage bins, tape dispenser, or Dynamo stapler. Experience superior crafting and work results!


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