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8" Multi-Purpose Scissors, White


White 8" Multi-Purpose Scissors
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel blades for extended cutting life
  • Thick, robust blade effortlessly cuts through tough materials
  • Ergonomic handle design with a soft, cushioned grip for comfortable use
  • Defined blade edge for smooth, precise cutting
  • Precision blade tip delivers a crisp, clean cut every time
  • Molded finger rest for added control
  • Adjustable blade tension allows for tailored cutting performance
White 8" Multi-Purpose Scissors


With wear-resistant stainless steel blades designed to extend cutting life, this multi-purpose scissor are made for everyday cutting tasks! The handle is made to be ergonomic and comfortable during use, while the stylish, white design is meant to match all your desktop decor. Each pair of scissors also features adjustable blade tension that allows for tailored cutting performance. A fine-tuned pointed tip makes precision cutting jobs easier. These scissors are perfect for all your everyday cutting jobs!


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