DIY St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your class? How about some fun and colorful crafts for kids that will turn them into leprechauns for the day!  Try these charming St. Patrick’s Day crafts that will be sure to have your classroom searching for their lucky pot of gold.

3D Rainbow Craft:

This first craft will bring the whole class to life and even have the rainbows jumping off the page! Follow the steps below to help put this 3D rainbow together.


materials for craft

Step 1:

Cut the colored paper into long strips and divide them among the class. Leave one piece of colored paper intact to act as a base. Lay the strips of paper in color order (according to the rainbow) from the bottom corner of the base page diagonally to the top. Cut out a pot of gold from the black paper and glue it to the end of the rainbow strips.

Step 2:

Take two paper strips at a time and fold them over to make a loop and glue them to the paper. This will create a rainbow that looks like it is popping off the page.

creating craft

Step 3:

Once all the rainbow strips have been glued properly to the paper, use the white paper to cut out a fluffy cloud. Then, tape the cloud at the end of the rainbow. For an added touch, glue cotton balls to the cloud shape to make the cloud seem 3D as well!

Step 4:

Finally, glue paper pennies or pieces of gold to the rim of the pot for an added touch. Feel free to use sparkles to help bedazzle the finished piece!

completed rainbow craft

Rainbow Pot of Gold Chain Link Necklace: 

Not only does this craft allow kids to use their motor skills while working on their necklace, but they get to wear something they made themselves for the rest of the day! This craft will have everybody feeling Irish for the day, from preschool children to adults. Read on for a step-by-step description on how to make these rainbow pot of gold chain necklaces.



Step 1:

Begin by having the kids cut little strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple paper with a pair of kid-friendly scissors. They should have multiples of each color as the chain needs to be long enough to fit over their heads.

pieces of necklace

Step 2:

Next, have kids use a stapler to interlink the strips of colored paper into a chain. Do this by creating a loop between each piece of paper and then stapling the ends together.

putting it together

Step 3:

Cut out a black pot of gold and glue it to the front of the necklace. The kids can choose which color strip they want to glue the pot to and how long they want the length of their necklace to be, making the project unique to them!

completed chain link

We hope these projects will help your students to have a shamrock’n day! Tag us on Twitter (@Bostitchoffice) with your completed crafts!



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