4 Tips for a Healthy School Holiday Routine

healthy school holiday routine

It’s the holiday season and with all the anticipation of joy that comes with waiting to see your family and friends also comes the stress of finals season. Although your main focus may be getting home for the holidays and you may think it’s too soon to start preparing for finals, the week is fast approaching. Don’t let finals drag you down this merry time of year, follow our tips for a stress-free routine to help you wrap up the school year!

Set up a Study Schedule: 

Planning out a study schedule can be tough especially with the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching. With the excitement of winter break also comes the stress of studying for finals and trying to find the time-management skills it takes to study for several classes. Setting up a study schedule to block out days and times for certain classes will help you stick to a healthy routine schedule that is easy to follow. For every hour you spend studying, reward yourself with a 15-minute break by getting a snack, listening to music, or going for a walk to stay energized and clear your mind. This should be done consistently for a few weeks heading up to the exams for best results!




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Balancing Work and School Management:

When working part-time and going to school, it is important to keep in mind your end goal, whether it’s getting a degree or advancing your career opportunity through further education. It is important to keep a boundary between work and school where you don’t let one interfere with the other. It can be hard to deal with the stress of managing both but planning out a proper schedule that allows you to work while putting aside the time to do homework and focus on your studies is a good way to keep you working stress-free!

Successful Exam Preparation:

Forming study groups can be a good way to organize notes and share each person’s takeaway from the class throughout the semester. It can sometimes be easier to bounce ideas off of other people by practicing problems aloud as well as finishing tasks faster. It is better to ask for help from peers than to struggle through problems and figuring out solutions on your own. Using visualizations can also be an effective way to get through studying. Rather than reading from your book verbatim, get creative! Use charts and pictures to help with memorizing those pesky terms in a more fun and creative way!


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Keep a Healthy Routine:

Although balancing work and school may seem stressful and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, it is important to remember to focus on yourself first. Take breaks to exercise and focus on eating healthy snacks. According to Humanitas University, choosing a healthy snack will help improve concentration and memory, and help you feel overall better while studying. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water as you study and take those healthy study breaks. It is also important to get a full night’s sleep. It may feel like you need to cram before exams but making sure you get enough sleep will help keep your study material fresh for the test!

Don’t get caught staying up all night studying the day before an exam and use our guide to help you successfully prepare for finals this holiday season! Let us know if this helps you stay jolly as you get through the drag of finals by tagging us on twitter (@bostitchoffice)!

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