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Antimicrobial Products for the Office and ClassroomAntimicrobial Products for the Office and Classroom
  1. Executive Stapler with Antimicrobial Protection
    Antimicrobial Professional Stapler, Blue
    Special Price $11.69 Regular Price $12.99
  2. Antimicrobial Protected Red Epic™ Staple
    Epic™ Antimicrobial Office Stapler, Red
    Special Price $18.69 Regular Price $21.99
  3. Antimicrobial Protected EZ Squeeze™ 130 Sheet Stapler
    EZ Squeeze™ 130-Sheet Antimicrobial Heavy Duty Stapler
    Special Price $53.99 Regular Price $59.99
  4. Antimicrobial Protected Xtreme Duty Adjustable Hole Punch
    Xtreme Heavy-Duty Antimicrobial Hole Punch, 2-3 Holes
    Special Price $103.99 Regular Price $129.99
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Back to Work Supplies and Resources

With the world currently facing COVID-19 and everyone following the safety protocols such as quarantine and social distancing, most of us, if not all, have been working from home these past few months. However, as cases begin to decrease and the stay at home orders become less strict, some businesses are now having their employees going back to work in the office. Returning to work might seem scary to some but creating a plan to ensure that all workplaces and communal environments remain safe and healthy should be a high priority.

For the safety and health of all employees, including yourself, following the CDC guidelines can help you feel more comfortable and at ease, all while helping you make the right plan for your return back to work. Sticking to social distancing guidelines and wearing your face mask will help everyone in your work environment abide by the new rules that have been put in place due to COVID-19. Keeping your workplace germ-free is as easy as washing your hands, staying home if you’re sick and using antimicrobial products. For more ways on how to safely return back to work, you can find easy-to-follow suggestions at Back to Work Safely.

Getting your office organized during your return to work will not only help your productivity but it will also help you stay healthy. Keeping a neat and organized desk will make it that much easier to clean when it comes time to sanitize your area and your office supplies. And, using antimicrobial products such as staplers and sharpeners will also help you stay germ-free. At Bostitch Office, we trust and strongly recommend our antimicrobial products to our own loved ones and to anyone looking for the best solution for their family, friends, students, and colleagues, especially as we all start returning to work.

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