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14-Piece Konnect™ Desktop Organizer + Cable Management Kit, Blue

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14-Piece Konnect System in Blue
  • Includes one (1) 12" Cord Management Rail, two (2) 21.5" Cord Management Rails, two (2) Corner Connectors, two (2) Rail Extenders, two (2) Short Storage Bins, one (1) Wide Storage Bin, one (1) Tape Dispenser, one (1) Sticky Note & Card Holder, one (1) USB Phone Dock, and one (1) Power Hub
  • Cord management rails for cable routing and accessory docking
  • Storage bins are ideal for holding pens, pencils, clips, tacks and other personal items
  • Sticky note holder can also hold business cards and other like-shape items (includes sticky notes)
  • Tape dispenser includes one (1) roll of 3/4" premium single-sided office tape
  • USB phone dock provides secure vertical and horizontal nesting for comfortable device viewing and use
  • Power hub features two USB ports and one power outlet
  • Contains six (6) slatwall hooks, six (6) screws, six (6) drywall anchors and three (3) left + right end caps
14-Piece Konnect System in Blue


Clean up your desk in a breeze with this 14-piece Konnect™ desktop organizer and cable management kit. Start by placing the multi-mount 12" and 21.5" cord management rails on your desk. Looking to eliminate messy, unpleasing wires that seem to become tangled overnight? The rail is cable hiding by routing the cords throughout, making your desktop more visually pleasing. Next, accessorize! This kit includes numerous compact desk units that help you in areas you didn't know you needed it. The short storage bin lets you house your most used items - pens, pencils, scissors, paperclips and more. It's even customizable to suit your needs as it comes with a removable lid and two dividers. The wide storage bin offers the same perks, but is simply longer for even more storage space. The compact sticky note holder holds business cards and various like-shape objects, and comes with a stack of 3x3 yellow sticky notes. Always have tape at an arm's length away. The easy-access, lightweight tape dispenser includes a roll of 3/4" one-sided tape. Don't ever worry about a dead phone battery again. The power hub features two USB ports and a power outlet for device charging, while the phone dock securely nests your phone or tablet. Each item docks to the rail or stands on its own, making this Bostitch Konnect™ wire management kit the most ideal desktop and office organization system!


Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Bostitch® Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System—the ultimate cure for desktop disaster. By integrating our patented cable management rails, power solutions and innovative storage accessories, the Konnect™ System helps users organize, customize and optimize their workspaces.


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