We’ve given you 101 Holiday Party Ideas and a Holiday Party Planning Guide, so what else do we have up our sleeves you ask? Well, hold on to your sleigh bells because we have more free holiday-themed printables for you to finish out this festive season!

Now that you’ve picked an idea for your holiday party and finished the planning, it’s time to get your party started using our Holiday Party-In-A-Box! Our all-inclusive Holiday Party-In-A-Box is the final touch for all your party planning! With holiday-themed photo booth props, banners, menus, place cards and invitations, your holiday party will surely be one to remember!

Download now! But first, here’s a sneak peek at all the holiday fun inside…




Loved hosting your holiday party so much that you want to do it again? By laminating anything in the Holiday Party-In-A-Box, you can reuse whatever you want, whenever you want. Spread the holiday cheer all year round!

Use the coupon code LAMTHEHALLS to get 20% off all laminating supplies to easily preserve your party essentials such as name tags, banners, menus and more!

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Holiday Party-In-A-Box